The Storm

Yes, a storm is upon us.

I realize many don't want, or like, to hear that, but let's be honest, it's happening whether you acknowledge it or not. That being said, you will be impacted by it, like it or not
. It's time for us to wake up and get with the program. Satan, and his minions, are on the move, pushing for nothing less than the complete oppression and control of humanity. It's an old tale; so old in fact, that many turn a deaf ear to the warnings of others, but heed them, we should.

Hold. Pray, become educated as to what's happening behind the scenes; then, take whatever action you can in your life to stand for God. Shine light into darkness to drive it away. If you don't, the enemy wins, and how many times have we heard the phrase, all evil needs to succeed, is for good men and women to do nothing? Don’t be afraid to seek information just because you’ll then be responsible for that information, how you apply it to your life, and how you share that information with others. Seek it anyway. Will you have to wade through some piles of garbage (or as the Apostle Paul put it, "Skubala")? Yep, but you will learn discernment, and that is a necessary component to wisdom.

So, why would we want, or need, to do that? Don't we just have to pray, and let God take care of the rest? Hmmmm... no. Hopefully, that's how all change starts, BUT... action is also required. How else do things get done? Jesus called us to be His hands and feet in the world; to do the work, with His assistance. What most people don't realize is that includes not only showing them "Jesus" in the world through prayer and love, but also through actions that shine light into dark places; actions of such varieties that it'd be difficult to name them all here. Christians have a tendency to forget that Jesus not only prayed, but he did, and told others to do the same. Yes, he demonstrated love and compassion, but he also demonstrated great authority, by calling out the criminality of his day: the hypocrites, the "authorities, " and others, that had run amok and lead the people astray. He shown his Light into, and upon, their darkness. Who is to do that today?! It's still Jesus, but it's Jesus --- through us.

We aren't called to do it alone, but we are called to do it - with Christ's help. Through prayer, we express gratitude, asking for God's blessings and assistance, listening and watching (hopefully) for Holy Spirit, but it doesn't stop there. If no one ever took action beyond their prayer life, darkness would have overrun us a long time ago. Good men and women, who weren't afraid to hold the line, and sometimes, set a new line, were the ones that forged the pathway for us. Now, we are the ones facing a storm, of Biblical proportions. If there are people who don't recognize this is happening, they're really not paying attention. Some may say, this is the 1775 of our generation; on the precipice, but really, it's bigger than that. Which way shall we go? Choose this day, whom you will serve.

Ignorance is a choice in today’s world, as is knowledge, and the truth shall set us free! Does God show grace & mercy for those who are innocent in their ignorance (ie: children, adults who've never heard of, or been exposed to, particular areas of deceit)? Yes, I believe He does; however, when people are given an opportunity to learn just how far separated we've become from our Creator, often times without realizing we're supporting the very things we claim to be against, yet choosing to remain ignorant as the information becomes available, what then? Contemplate on that. Take it to the Lord, in prayer.

I'm not perfect at any of this, by the way; not in this world, and not by a country mile. God sees me as perfect, but here? I'm a mess, in one way or another, just like most people, but I do keep trying. I do have a heart for God, and Holy Spirit does show up in my life. I know that there is no place I can go, where God is not, and I've been to some very interesting places throughout my life, often times experiencing things I wouldn't have believed, had I not been the one having the experience, and often times being called to do things that cause me to say, "Really, God?" or "Please God, anyone but me!" Lol! Does this sound familiar?

God has been preparing many people who have chosen the path less traveled. I pray they stay strong, stay focused, and above all, stay faithful, never loosing sight and trust in God. His ways may be mysterious, but His ways are working all things together, for our good. Do I believe that, ultimately, God's got this? Yes, I do, but how that plays out for us, depends on us and the choices we make. Free will, remember?? Do we truly care or will we continue to be apathetic, unrepentant, turning a blind eye to what is hurtful and offensive in the world; what is hurtful and offensive to God? Does that make it go away? No, it still exists, and grows stronger. Every time someone turns a blind eye, evil takes another step forward. After decades, centuries, even millennia, the dark forces have made their advances. Look around the globe. What's happening to our world? Does it bother you? Does it seem normal? Does it even make sense any more? No. Only when one has a grasp on the bigger agenda that evil has intended for us, does it become clearer. Are you one of the millions of people that want it to change, but never make it past the dining room table-type conversations, or gripe sessions, with friends and family regarding same? I get it; I really do. It's not always easy for people to put themselves out there, to take a stand, and take the hits that are inevitable, in any challenge. Regardless, stand, we must.

What small thing can you do in your own life, right now, that could make a difference? It doesn't have to be huge, you just have to be willing. Perhaps just knowing bits and pieces of the puzzle, beyond your current understanding, will assist humanity in such a way as to advance us further into a world where our focus returns to a more Godly way of being; a world where we are consciously choosing not to support the very evil we claim to be against.

In future posts, we'll give some examples of how darkness moves through our society, and how we, through our choices, support it without even recognizing what's happening, because --- when we use our free will to choose, even in ignorance, it sets in motion an energetic frequency that resonates to God, your choice.

When God gives you an opportunity, a heads-up, a chance to work for His greater good - take it. Stand for God, especially in the face of adversity. It is there that you’ll find your greatest self, and it is there where you can reflect God's greatest glories, and don't forget to give thanks to, and pray for, the spiritual warriors, and real world warriors, who stand in harm's way. They hold the line and occupy until Christ's return, so that you can still choose... for now.

Holy Spirit, I pray that we may have eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to know the truth, and the courage to act as You direct. Amen.

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