Silencing Of The Lambs

On the morning of Monday, June 28, 2020, I drew the above sketch in my notebook. This was a result of the prior day’s experience; one in which I was profoundly affected. It quite literally made me sick to my stomach and hurt my heart to a level for which I have no words. I saw someone I’ve known, worked with, and admired, completely and blindly compliant to the presumed authority of “men”, as opposed to trusting the all-encompassing authority of Christ, and in his "compliance," was expressing a very “Holier than thou” attitude. My life was forever changed on that Sunday morning.

To be fair, he probably had little, if any, knowledge that facial coverings of this type, and others, have long been a symbol of slavery and/or oppression; a sign of obedience, used to strip one of their humanity, nor did he understand that to force a facial covering takes away one’s Godliness. Are our facial expressions not a basic way in which we communicate with others, especially with children who are very young and not yet at the point of verbal communications? In addition, he could not begin to grasp that attempting to block a virus with a mask is useless, as a virus is infinitesimal in comparison to the weave of a mask.

To add insult to injury, he attempted to use “Romans 13” as a defense, not understanding that first and foremost, one has to have a Godly, moral governance for that Biblical reference to apply. Romans 13 does not tell us to follow immorality or criminality, but rather, is based on the assumption that the men (and women) in power will be lead by God, that they will be just and righteous, and will have a moral foundation worthy of our trust and following. Currently, this does not appear to be the world in which we are living, nor was it the case when that passage was written. Did Jesus not take issue with many of the authorities of His time? Yes, He did.

As I was completing the sketch, the title, “Silencing Of The Lambs” came to me. It was a perfect way to describe what I saw happening, not only in our small faith-based community, but also the world at large. We were, and are, being told to shut up, obey, and take a knee to people, organizations, and ideologies that are not for the betterment of humanity, despite their rhetoric. Many of them likely perceive themselves to be "gods," but only God is God; all the rest are posers! Can God take all those people, organizations and situations and use them for His purpose? Absolutely! Will He? I pray so; however, how much will humanity have to endure before the revelation and restoration? Time will tell, and as we learn through Biblical examples, time is a very different thing from a human perspective, as opposed to God's perspective.

In this past year, humanity has been shown many things. We’ve been shown how quickly life can change. We’ve been shown how important, yet delicate and fickle, relationships can be. We’ve been shown how much we should value our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and connections to community. We’ve been shown how divided we can become, how easily we can be manipulated, and how much division hurts all of us - to our very core. We’ve been shown how much we need God in our lives, and just how far separated we’ve become from that Life Force. We’ve been shown that not all people are aware of the evil that exists in our world, or that there are those who would purposely intend harm to the masses; desiring to oppress, control, and yes, even kill us. We’ve been shown, with great malice of intent, the desire to impose a silencing of God’s lambs.

Some people are on the fast track in their understanding of what’s taking place in our world, while others seem perfectly content to remain oblivious; fighting for the very enslavement and/or elimination of humanity, all-the-while believing they understand what’s happening. Really? How can this be? How can we be so divided, given the fact that we’re all from the same Source - or are we? Overall, I’d say, yes, we are; however, there are those who have been so subverted, they have no realization that they serve the very evil they claim to oppose. In addition, there are those who openly profess their allegiance to the dark side; many of them making no apologies in their support of Satan. Ooooo, did I just go there?? Yes, I did! The time for ignorance has passed. We need to understand the forces at play and just what we’re up against.
It’s God vs. evil. This IS a Spiritual battle! The war is raging, and we are fodder for those who serve darkness.

Most people don’t realize how far into our lives evil has been allowed to roam. We compromise a little here, a little there, not understanding many of the ways in which evil advances. People have been brainwashed through various methods: movies, television, music, literature, educational institutions, governments, corporations, peer pressure, and yes, some of our most beloved religious organizations. Humanity has been gas-lighted for so long, they have no idea they are under someone else’s influence and control. Many have been swayed into the darkness through money, power, fame, or blackmail - coerced into a situation, or lifestyle, they never truly intended for themselves. For some, it's apathy. Regardless the reasoning, it appears that people are confused; hence, the division under which we are living. Hmmm… sound familiar? Divide and conquer. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the playbook, and it works so well, it’s been used for thousands of years. Don’t believe me? Do some historical research; however, that has also been altered and is also one of the things we’ve been shown in the past year. There is a lack of historical understanding and a desire to have it rewritten - again. There are those who willingly support, and fight for, the rewriting of our history. It’s not a new concept, but to have it so blatantly in our faces, and to have so many not recognize it or care? That’s astonishing. If we don’t know history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Where are the people of courage? Where are the men and woman of God? Where are the clergy, who should be leading their people to truth, not to slaughter? They are now demonized, ostracized, or in today’s terms - culturally cancelled. How sad. The very people who are brave enough to step up, step out, and lead the way are being persecuted - all in the name of “political correctness,” “social justice,” or being “woke.” Yes, being “woke.” Even our language has been hijacked. We dare not say anything that hasn’t been “officially approved,” or “fact checked,” lest we offend someone.

One might ask, who are the officials that approve things? Who are the fact checkers? Most of the time, they are the very people, or organizations, who are attempting to re-write history, control us, and usher in a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascist (pick your favorite “ist” or “ism), new world order way of life. Sound conspiratorial? It likely does sound conspiratorial, but that’s another one of those buzz words that the controllers like to toss around. It only sounds conspiratorial if one hasn’t truly been paying attention, or refuses to take the blinders off.

The definition of conspiracy is:
• n.An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
• n.An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

Who does this really sound like? It sounds like a lot of our politicians, corporations, social media gurus, world leaders, and many who claim the moniker of “social justice warriors.” In today’s world, it’s oh-so-easy to lead the lemmings, or sheeple, over the edge of the cliff. Baaaaa…

People, we have been programmed, coerced, and bullied into compliance. We have been lied to and lead astray. We have been convinced that left is right, up is down, black is white, good is bad and bad is good. We’ve been told that what we see, with our own eyes, isn’t really happening. Innately, intrinsically, intuitively, don’t we know better?? I believe we do, but that’s been demonized as well. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. We are being played like a fine Stradivarius, and if we don’t do something about it now, what will that mean, not only for our futures, but the futures of our children, grandchildren, and beyond. What will become of humanity? What will become of God’s children?

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