Our Ninevah Moment

For those who have heard me speak in the past few years, you may recall I have a fondness for the story of Jonah and his reluctance, at first, to do as God had asked of him. He was to go to Ninevah, a city of approximately 120,000 people, and tell them (ALL of them) that God was coming, He was - hmmmmm - displeased, and prepared to pass judgement upon them for their transgressions. Jonah was to preach; directing them to repent, lest they experience God’s wrath, as they had fallen far into the Babylonian system.

I think today, we find ourselves facing our own Ninevah moment, only now, it’s on a global scale. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I believe many have talked about it; at least, those who are aware. So, what does it mean to have our own Ninevah moment? It means, not only on a personal level do we need to recognize our separation from God, and repent for all the ways in which that happens, but also as humanity. We need to come to that same awareness and pray, pleading for forgiveness. Seriously. What have we allowed to happen? Through ignorance, apathy, fear, contentment, separation, and a willingness to allow others to manipulate us, many have lost "the Way." It’s time to recognize that we have swayed, much, much too far, into a modern day Babylonian system; all the while, justifying the “little” compromises we make along the way, thinking they don’t matter. The thing is, they all matter.

I’m a part of that mess, too; probably more than a lot of you, so understand, I’m not pointing a finger at you that isn’t also pointing at me; however, I recognize the depth to which we’ve been lead astray, and in many ways, have changed. Ever a work in progress, but the journey is the journey. My point is this: we all must do what we can to “repent;” turning more and more toward God and His will, not our own, limited understandings. What happened to God in our lives? Our current system is so damaged. Are we truly so caught in our own egos that we can't say, "I'm sorry," or "We're sorry," in detail, to the depths of our hearts and souls - and mean it? Are we unwilling to look? We need to become aware, take responsibility in whatever ways we can, and move toward the forgiveness and mercy that God showed the people of Ninevah. Yes, they did repent. Every man, woman, and child, from the King to the peasant. It’s written that even the animals were involved. Everyone dressed in sackcloth, so that none stood out as holding a higher position in the community. They fasted, and repented over their separation from God, and because God knew what was truly in their hearts, He knew that they were genuine in their repentance. God did not destroy the people of Ninevah. He showed mercy and grace. He showed compassion and understanding - much to Jonah’s dismay. In that, God reminded Jonah, it is not his place to judge God's decisions. Ouch.

My question is this: how aware are any of us, about the world in which we are actually living? Do you pay attention and stay connected, or are you like many of the mindless masses who are (or were) blissfully unaware that evil has been allowed to advance? Oh, it’s subtle sometimes, seemingly innocuous in its way, but it’s there - all around us, infiltrating our lives; sly, patient and well aware of our predilection toward “just a little peril.” Can it be exciting? Sometimes. Is it daring? Perhaps. Is it fun? Can be. I could, however, say the same (and more) about God. 🙂 Is sin obviously hurtful? Well, there are all manner of levels to that standard of measure, so I will say sometimes, yes, it’s quite obvious (or at least “should” be); however, more often than not, I think perhaps it is not that obvious. We have been fooled, for thousands of years, by evil. What is the old saying? “The devil is always the most charming?” Because we want to believe that our compromises don't really matter, it's easy for the fox to slip into the hen house, and for us to be "unaware" of the ramifications of our actions. We may pray, but Satan preys - on us!

Often times, we fall prey to the ever-damaging thought process of, "It's ok. No one will ever know," or "I'm not hurting anyone," or “Someone else will take care of that,” or “It’s so-and-so's fault,” or “All we have to do is pray.” Pray?? INDEED!!! Please pray, but don’t stop there. Again, do what you can, where and when you can! If you don’t know what to do, pray on that, and see what shows up. Truth be told, there are a plethora of ways in which one can be of service. We are amazing creations! Another truth is that we may get a message from Holy Spirit, but not act upon it. We question, second guess ourselves, assume we're wrong. Why?! Why is it so difficult to live from that place of faith??

#1 - - Fear. Fear manifests in may ways, so it's a particularly sneaky way to attack us and keep us off track.

Why else is it so difficult to live from a place of faith?

#2 - Lies. Humanity has been lied to; lied to and socially programmed, since before any of us were born, and certainly, it has been ramped up in the last century. We have been taught that we come from a primordial goo. That we are a random happening, over billions of years. Personally, I don't subscribe to that theory. I think we were created, but there is also some level of adaptation and survival of the fittest that takes place. I also believe that we have been genetically modified, more than once. There are humans, and I use that term loosely when referring to them, that have become masters at mind control and manipulation of the masses. It is their art, their life, their god. Some believe that they should be looked upon as gods, with all authority over us; however, they are not God, and they continue to forget one very important factor: Yahushua (“Jesus”) declared He has all authority in the heavens and on the Earth. All authority. (Matthew 28:18)

See…. I told you He said that. 🙂

So what gives?! This being the case, WHY is evil still permitted to mess with us? In two words: free will. Ultimately, it’s free will. What are we choosing, either consciously, or unconsciously, that is not in spiritual alignment with God? He may want something to change, but He will not negate our free will choices. To what are we saying, "Yes?!" Do you even know??

This also brings us back to an earlier post in which I said that God will allow bad things to happen, in an attempt to reach us and teach us. Some would say He’s too harsh. Often times, I’d likely agree, but I’m not God, and I don’t know the bigger picture of things. People are playing the board game called, “Checkers,” while God IS multi-dimensional Chess, at it’s best.

I pray, and pray some more, that He blesses me, indeed, and those whom I love. I pray He also blesses you, and those whom you love, and I pray, and pray some more, that He blesses, indeed, all whom He loves. In Yahushua’s name I ask.

So, what is it that God has been asking you to do?! Perhaps it's something small, perhaps not. Tune in and listen for His still, small voice, and don't necessarily dismiss the things that seem random or that don't make sense to you. Don’t be a Jonah, ending up in the belly of the beastie for 3 days, contemplating the consequences of your choices. Pray for the strength, wisdom, and faith to move forward, with God's help. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, check out, “The Book Of Jonah” in your Bible. Don’t have a Bible?! Come on now! That's an easy fix!! Get one. 🙂

Love ... <3

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