God Is Like Aquarium Water

Ok, I may be diving off into the deep end of the water here, and God knows I mean no disrespect, but …
what if God was like aquarium water?

(Long, awkward pause - confused face here)

Say what?! Aquarium water?!? You must be joking! No, I’m not really joking, as much as I’m using an aquarium visual, to help assist in understanding my statement.

I want you to think of a large, fully contained aquarium. It has crystal clear water with a beautiful assortment of rocks and plants. Perhaps there are mountains or caves for exploring, ships or large colonnades, reminiscent of ancient times. There is a bright light and a filter to cleanse impurities. Everything is set and functioning.

Now, think of the fish in that aquarium. There are a variety of fish. They are surrounded by the water. They live within it, but the water also processes through them for varying purposes, like taking in oxygen. There is no place the fish can go, where there isn’t also water. It encompasses them. It sustains them. Without it, they would perish.

In this story, you are the fish! God - the water. So, if you are the fish, and God is the water, there is no place where you can go, where God is not! If you swim within the caves, explore the colonnades, traverse the mountains, enjoy the plants and spend time near the rocks, God is there. It is as close as your breath; the very air that you breathe - or in this scenario, the water in which you exist. It encompasses you; sustains you, and without It, you would surely perish.

Whether fish in water, or humans on land, the concept still applies.
There is no place we can go, where God is not.
We are in God, and God is in us.

Just something to ponder.

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