“Be still, and know that I am God…”
Psalm 46:10

Returning to something I’ve said before, there's no doubt that we are living in tumultuous times; times of great upheaval, challenge, and change. There has been much talk lately regarding the pressures everyone is feeling, and not just the normal pressures of life; although, those are more intense for many people as well. I’m talking about an intensification on very personal levels. We see this reflected to us, in the lives of those around us. It seems as if we are being squeezed, no longer allowed to hide from the influx of energies that have hit our world. We're all experiencing something, but what it is, exactly, we're not quite sure, so we question, and our minds run amuck, potentially setting into motion more of what we don’t actually want. It feels as if we are being forced to deal with our individual soul issues - whether we like it or not; however, we can choose how we react, as we always have a choice. God granted us free will. For those who choose not to “deal” with what's coming up, or happening around us, I believe the journey will be much more difficult - and by the way, that’s still a choice, just as the band, Rush, stated in their song, Freewill.
"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

This is happening for people, not in one or two areas of their lives, but in many areas: financial, physical, mental, spiritual, and/or relational. It's like a buffet of messiness for us to wander through, all culminating into one huge emotional dumping ground; one in which we have to recognize, accept, process, and release whatever it is to which we've continued to cling, sometimes for many years, or perhaps an entire lifetime.

We all have our junk, by the way, so don’t feel unique in this. None of us are perfect, or exempt; we weren’t created that way. Additionally, we’re not supposed to go it alone. We were created as children of God. It’s our job to recognize (and work in relationship with) God throughout our lives. Could that Creative Force move across the world and solve everything in an instant? Of course (Omniscient Creator), BUT … God didn’t mess it up; we did, so it’s ours to fix, like it or not. Thankfully, we don’t have to go it alone. God didn’t abandon us. One cannot separate from what one truly is, but many have forgotten that they are children of God. To be a child of God means we are fractal iterations of the Whole, and that concept brings out a multitude of emotions, attitudes and perhaps, misgivings. God also gave us one another.

As I comment about the tumultuous times in which we’re living, I'm specifically referring to a plethora of “negative” emotions: frustration, anger, discouragement, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, hopelessness, and a feeling of being overwhelmed - all of them falling into the bigger category of fear.

Fear?? Fear of what?!

The unknown
Pain & suffering - for ourselves and others
Miscellaneous humans
Lacking - of never being, or having, enough
Getting it (life or other) “wrong”
Never-ending hoops through which we must jump - regulations, mandates, rules and laws
Retribution (Punishment)
Isolation, Excommunication, Loss
Only one lifetime to get everything “right”
Hell, Purgatory, Nothingness

Remember, the enemy (Satan and his minons) loves it when we’re in a state of fear. Do your best to refrain from allowing the enemy that satisfaction and sustenance. Yes, sustenance. The enemy feeds off our fear; hence, the gigantic push to have everyone in that state of mind and emotional distress!

Concurrently, there is also hope and positive expectation, passion, love, appreciation, empowerment, moments of happiness, and yes, for many, great optimism and excitement! It can prove to be rather confusing at times, as it seems we are living the ultimate lessons of duality. People feel alone in this venture. I know because (at times) I feel the same way, even though I understand that I am not the only one. That being the case, why do we feel alone, even though we’re not? Why does it seem as if the universe is picking on us, knowing every intimate detail of our shortcomings, fears and failures; then, exploiting them? Maybe it’s because we’ve forgotten who and what we truly are. Unfortunately, many humans have forgotten (or don’t believe) we are the children of God, but rather, they believe (or were taught to believe) we are a random occurrence within the universe. We live. We die. The end. Seriously?! My life leads me to invest in other. I've had experiences I cannot explain. I've been with people, as well as animals, at the time of their corporeal death. I've experienced those same "energies" after their body's have ceased to function. I choose to believe that we are so much more; that life is so much more.

One has to wonder - are all the things happening actually designed to push us towards being connected, not only with God, but also with other human beings? We’re called to be honest, to open up and to share what's happening… yes, with God, but also with people that we trust; people who care. If we aren’t open and honest, how will we ever recognize that others may be experiencing similar things, or perhaps, need help as much as we do - or more?! How many hours do we spend talking with God, listening for Holy Spirit, and asking for protection and guidance from same? Does that sound strange? Uncomfortable? It really shouldn’t. How else does one cultivate a relationship? If we want to have a relationship with God, or anyone else for that matter, we have to invest the time.

I’ve had many conversations with people in which they reveal to me the questioning of what's happening in the world today. Perhaps we feel alone because of the personal nature of the processing, even though many people are experiencing similar situations. It seems, on some levels, as if it's customized for each person, and in one sense, it is. Each soul's journey is unique. It can seem as if “I’m the only one”; however, if we reach out and communicate with others, I believe we’ll discover that our lives are like a Venn diagram, with many overlapping areas of similarity; so similar, in fact, that it may surprise us to learn that we’re not as extraordinary as we think.

What lies within us is always there, acknowledged or not, and as energy moves, it passes, not only through what exists in our consciousness, but also through what we "think" is tucked away, unknown - buried in our unconscious minds or hearts - but here’s the deal regarding the unconscious mind - it doesn’t know the difference between what we consider reality or non reality. It experiences whatever comes to it, and the body responds accordingly, putting out chemicals that correspond to what the unconscious is receiving - good or bad. Don’t believe me? Watch trauma TV (crime dramas, horror shows, MSM news - but I repeat myself - Lol). Observe how your body and psyche respond. I’ve done it. It’s quite revealing. Years ago, my son was watching an episode of a popular crime drama. I felt it necessary to watch, making sure it was an ok show for him. It was not ok, for either of us. I recognized how my heart and mind were being affected by what I was watching. Fifteen years later, when I think of that particular episode, I still wish I’d never seen it, let alone wishing my son had never seen it! It was truly traumatizing. The affect of that show has remained with me all these years, and every time it creeps into my consciousness, I am traumatized all over again, with chemical responses flooding my system. It takes great discipline, and conscious effort, to replace those experiences with something better.

Back on track - the good thing is, God already sees and knows us all - already understanding what lies within. We’re the ones that need to drop the illusion of separation, and “get real” with God. Talk with Jeshua as if you’re having a cup of coffee or tea together. Ask Holy Spirit to guard and guide your thoughts. What's good about this is, not only does what we call negative come through, but so, too, does the positive that we have within us! It allows for us to see. We are being called to task. We are being called to deal with our internal "stuff" - moving out the bad, making room for what’s good! When you’re squeezed by life's circumstances, what comes out? Is it the love and goodness (Godliness) that you are, or is it other?
Just food for thought.

If we look at the macrocosm, which for now, we'll limit to Earth, we can see the overall strength in particular thought patterns, based on mass beliefs and the mass consciousness. The dance continues between what we perceive as good and bad. There is crime, oppression, hatred, and warring (fear), but there is also unity, trust, compassion, joy, charity, and those who seek peace (love). This has always been, and according to many people's beliefs, this will always be. Does it have to be? I don’t know. It is the great play of duality that we believe we exist within, as with the yin and the yang, a constant striving for balance between two energies, with a bit of one always in the other.

You may be asking, but what about my life? My personal stuff? What am I to do with that?
Let's consider individual lives. Your life would be a microcosm. As a collective, it is theorized that we are moving through a great awakening of consciousness, but to make that happen, on a personal level, that means each one of us is dealing with our personal issues, whatever they may be. We change the world by changing ourselves first. It truly does have to happen on that level, before going any further. We make choices. We learn and grow, and as we do, we share with others, often one or two people at a time. That's how it happens, people - one person at a time, one conversation at a time, one moment at a time. Like the prophets and disciples of old, we have to do as they did; as Jeshua did. Move among the people, helping when, and where, we’re able. Jeshua, and the disciples, didn’t gather in large or fancy buildings, nor did they stay in one place for long. They didn’t obsess over things that don’t really matter, like the materialistic things for which we strive in today’s world. They set out on the task for which God had tapped them - educating the people about reestablishing a relationship with our Creator - loving, living humbly and being of service to others, not being of service to self.

Issues are being brought to the surface over and over again, as opportunities for us to practice our recognition, acceptance, processing, and releasing. Can we be like the Holy Spirit, with a bigger perspective, as we maneuver the currents of our lives? If we can recognize our separation (sin), come to terms with it, and be sorry for it - and I mean truly repentant, not just saying, “Oh, I’m sorry,” yet moving forward with the same ol’ things - perhaps progress can, and will, be made.

Ultimately, we need to realize that the “system” is generating, and maintaining, a frequency of conflict and separation; one of fear and anxiety. Are we going to continue to participate in the very system that wants to quash us? Love is real, and God is love - not the romantic, messed up, conditional love of humans, but an unconditional Love that surpasses our limited understandings. God loves us more than we know. Perhaps that's something worth contemplating.

I am asking you, as a necessary component to success for all of us, to rise above the system and its noise.
Be still with God. Listen. Pray - then listen and pray some more.

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