This is a different approach to ministry. In fact, I almost hesitate to refer to it as such, but in reality, it is a ministry. Do you love God, but feel as if organized "churches," or religion, is only a shell of what it once was, or was intended to be? If so, you are part of the remnant. Here, you will find random posts and videos, depending on how, or when, Holy Spirit moves us; often times, referencing The Bible; other times, just food for thought.

We're real people; children of God. Like anyone, we have passions, experiences, insights and opinions. We do good things and help others, but we also make mistakes, have trauma, "do life." This is true for all of us, is it not? No human is perfect; that, was for Jesus. The important thing is, do we learn, gain wisdom, and keep on keepin' on, always with our hearts turned toward God and our spiritual journey? If not, perhaps it's time to change.

We hope you find inspiration, insight, or tidbits that encourage you to contemplate further, the amazing world in which we live, and our responsibility within it, helping to facilitate a closer connection to our Source. God is everywhere, all the time; omniscient, and loves us, far beyond anything we can understand. We pray for God's Peace and Love to be with you.